What's My Favorite Shoe? - Lindsey Hauer

What's My Favorite Shoe? - Lindsey Hauer

This is YOUR KIND OF BLOG!  I don't make you wait for it! My favorite Shoe is the Brooks Transcend 7!

* The Brooks Transcend 7 makes running feel effortless! The DNA Loft Cushion adds the plush and the spring you need in every step to help push you forward and keep you on your toes! (Not that I recommend you running on your toes unless you are sprinting - then I have another shoe recommendation for you!;)  My family and I wore the Nike Structure for several years, and my dad and I have both switched to the Transcend 7. Not only is this shoe lighter (9.5 oz.) compared to the Structure (11.5 oz.), but the Transcend also has support on both sides of the shoe known as the GuideRails.

*The Brooks Transcend makes your everyday running and walking easier and more comfortable. This shoe retails for $160.00, compared to the Structure at $120.00. "Why spend the extra money?" you may ask. Putting in the extra money gets you so much more cushion, support, and peace-of-mind knowing you’ve found the best shoe for you! The Brooks Transcend 7 has improved my time and my form; and with this, I feel less tired and don’t feel as heavy when I run. When I ran in the Nike Structure, I felt as if I was not improving in form or in my times. Now I feel like I am running on clouds with the Transcend 7.

*If you have a medium to low arch, this shoe would be perfect for you!

I'm Lindsey Hauer, and I am in my 2nd year at the Springfield Running Center! I ran track and field at Pleasant Plains High School. I specialize in CUSTOMER SERVICE, and it is my job to make sure YOU are super happy and satisfied when you leave our store!








9.5oz / 269.3g


Flat, Medium




GuideRails, DNA LOFT


Road Running

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