What Nutrition Do You Use While Training/Racing? - Jeff Bennett

What Nutrition Do You Use While Training/Racing? - Jeff Bennett

~ In 2018 I read about the Maurten products and decided to give them a try as I prepared for the New York City Marathon. I practiced with the Maurten 320 drink mix and the Maurten 160 drink mix; both are excellent sources of carbohydrates and hydration. For my final 20-mile training run, I decided to test the Maurten GEL 100 gels. They can be taken either along with water or by themselves as they form a unique hydrogel in the gut, allowing a sustained release of carbohydrates.  In theory, this helps ensure a supply of glycogen needed by the muscles to perform well during the final miles of a marathon. 

~ Halfway thru the run, I knew this product was optimal for me, as I easily maintained my target pace, and I felt well fueled through the whole run.  I took one GEL 100 every 25-30 min, and found them very light and easy on the stomach.  As I neared mile 16, I accelerated to marathon pace for the final miles feeling great. Three weeks later, I used 5 Maurten GEL 100s during the NYC Marathon, and they did not disappoint!  I ran a negative split and finished feeling strong all the way through 26.2 miles.

~ Since that race, Maurten has introduced the GEL 100/CAF 100 gels. As caffeine is a proven performance enhancer, the GEL 100/CAF 100 gels are great for tempo runs, long runs, and races, providing optimal levels of caffeine.  For me, using these in races and certain key training runs has been excellent.   I recommend alternating Maurten GEL 100/CAF 100 with Maurten GEL 100 gels during longer efforts.   Of course, anyone who is sensitive to caffeine should stick to the non-caffeinated products.  Either way, I highly recommend the Maurten nutrition products to fuel you through your training and power you to the finish line.

Of course, we carry the full line of Maurten nutrition products at Springfield Running Center. ~ Jeff Bennett, SRC

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Great read!!!! As someone who is still trying to find the perfect fueling source for marathons, I appreciate this thorough review of the Maurten products.

JoAnn Johnson

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