Hoka Carbon X Womens

Go-To Shoe for Tempo Runs and Race Day

I am often asked which shoes I choose to run in, and my answer is different depending on the day of the week.  I am a huge believer in mixing it up and rotating my running shoes!  But when it comes to my tempo runs and race day, Hoka's Carbon X  has taken me to another level!

What is it about the Carbon X that "gets me going?" It's the carbon fibre plate that gives it its name and that propels me into a forward roll in smooth transition to a wide forefoot platform. This makes my running feel effortless!  I get through the long runs and races without wanting to take them off and throw them away!

~ My form is improved!

~ My feet feel lighter! 

~ My run feels effortless! 

~ My times drop!


Who Can Wear the Hoka Carbon X?

Since the Carbon X can be worn as a trainer and a racer, it is an ideal running shoe!  Regardless of how one strikes (heel vs mid-foot vs toe), the responsive Hoka Metarocker and the carbon fibre plate to maintain the integrity of the rocker bottom make this shoe effective and comfortable. Unless your foot is extremely narrow, the generous, lightweight upper with wider toe-base is accommodating for most. It is a compromise of comfort and speed!


Can I wear Carbon Xs every day and in all of my runs?

Hoka shoes are known for their lightweight "marshmallowy" feel. The Hoka Carbon X is part of the HOKA FLY collection, and the life expectancy of the shoes is about 300-400 miles.  So, YES, they can be an everyday trainer! Because I rotate my shoes and styles during the week, I think of the Carbon X as my track or cross-country spikes... I have every day running trainers, but I lace up my Carbon Xs on a hard workout or race day, and expect to "FLY!" (See what I did there?)

**The Carbon X can be used for 5K races up to ultra marathon distances. 

Hoka Carbon X Womens


Compared to Nike Alphafly Next%

I have run in both, and they are both extremely light! The Nike Alphafly Next% is narrow and does not have the Hoka rocker bottom or wider mid and toebox. The Alphafly retails for $275.  The lifespan of the Nike is considerably shorter than other running shoes or racers at around 100-150 miles (estimating based on the wearer's gait). The Hoka Carbon X is $180 and is good for 350-400 miles. Both models have a midsole carbon fibre plate. 

  • HOKA Carbon X - 5 mm drop, 7.2 oz women 8.5 oz men      

  • Nike Alphafly Next% - 8 mm drop, 6.7 oz unisex


Why do people ask me which shoes I wear for specific runs?

I'm Tracy Dowell, owner and manager of Springfield Running Center in Springfield, IL. I have a shoe problem! I have been running since junior high and loved it so much that I chose the career of coaching middle school and high school runners.  When looking for a part-time job to support my running shoe habit and to allow for my coaching job, I started working at Springfield Running Center almost eleven years ago. I loved what I do so much that I bought into the company after a few years!  

I love helping people to find their happy place in their running/walking/fitness journey!  So, every day I am asked, "What shoes do YOU wear?" Stay tuned, and I will tell you about a few more!

Hoka Carbon X Specs


  • Single layer engineered mesh upper offers breathability across forefoot

  • Embroidery reinforcement delivers a secure heel fit

  • Gusseted tongue provides a lightweight mid-foot lockdown

  • Early stage Meta-Rocker delivers an up-tempo ride

  • Light and resilient PROFLY X technology provides both a soft and propulsive experience

  • Carefully positioned Carbon fiber plate curls under the lateral toes to deliver a smooth transition through the gait cycle

  • Wider forefoot platform provides support and stability along with an accommodating and comfortable fit

  • Rubberized foam outsole offers a lightweight, responsive, yet durable ground contact

  • 7.2 oz women 8.5 oz men

  • 5 mm Drop

  • Neutral - Responsive





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