Cold Weather Running/Walking

Cold Weather Running/Walking

This winter, perhaps more than ever, a safe and thoughtful approach to outdoor exercise will be essential to your mental and physical health.  Winter running and walking are fun, effective, economical ways to stay fit, boost your immunity and improve overall health!

There are many advantages to winter running/walking:

  • Striking visual landscapes

  • Peaceful solitude

  • Clear physiologic benefits to your body with improved immune response to many viral illnesses

  • Less fluids requirements allow for easier run planning

  • Easily build a base of miles that will jump start your spring training.

These are some of the tips we recommend to winter runners:

  • Set goals for yourself. Consider mileage goals or even a virtual race!

  • Find a partner or running/walking group to keep you accountable.

  • Have a Training Schedule! 

  • Keep a training log to track your progress

Many runners worry about the weather interfering with training.  Except for icy conditions, winter weather should not impede your training.  Some of our favorite runs take place in snow, and with the proper gear it is easy to be comfortable running in single digit temperatures. If you absolutely cannot get outside, consider a treadmill run or some cross training.

Tips on winter running gear:

  • Avoid wearing cotton

  • Avoid overdressing and potentially overheating

  • Dress in layers based upon temperature and wind

Here is our list of essential winter running gear (i.e. what to ask Santa for).

This simple formula should take the guesswork out clothing choices. After checking the temperature with windchill (Real Feel Temp), dress accordingly.

  • 40°- tights, mid weight layer top, light gloves, headband.

  • 30°- substitute jacket for top, add your hat, wear heavier glove.

  • 20°- add mid layer back under your jacket

  • 10-20°- add neck gaiter, add mitten, add wind pant

  • Under 10°- consider some duct tape over the toes of your shoes.

Final tips for a great winter of running:

  • Remember to drink on long runs

  • Take some nutrition for runs longer than 60 min

  • Choose courses that offer any protection from the wind.

  • Bring some dry clothes to change into as soon as you finish your run.

  • Finally, ask a friend to join you! If you MUST complain, you will have a partner to listen! :)




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