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Amphipod Swift Clip Luliminator Headlamp

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Amphipod Swift Clip Luliminator Headlamp


  •  Precision engineered to fit just about any brimmed cap (cap not included), this clip-on light positions most of its 1.75 oz. toward the base of the brim for maximum comfort
  •  Easy-adjust attachment clips make it easy to swap from your go-to running cap to your camp trucker hat to your walk-the-dog hat
  •  3-LED design delivers up to 250 lumens (on High mode), helping to keep the path bright in low-light conditions
  •  3 solid brightness modes provide versatile wide-beam illumination
  •  Easy push button mode toggle and on/off activation
  •  USB-rechargeable design means no batteries to replace; USB charging cable included
  •  Run time on High: 2.5 hrs.; Medium: 4.5+ hours; Eco: 6.5+ hrs.
  •  2-hour charge time with an indicator to let you know when it's fully charged