Sweatx Xtreme Detergent 45 oz

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Sweatx Xtreme 45 oz

Sweat X® Sport Laundry Detergent exfoliates harmful bacteria that causes odor, keeping your active wear fresh and clean. In addition, this detergent restores fabric performance and wicking to prolong the life your clothes. Safe on skin and safe for all fabrics, Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent has no added dyes or fillers and no harsh perfumes.


  • Exfoliates harmful bacteria that cause odor from fabrics
  • Organic and Non-toxic
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • No added dyes or fillers
  • No harsh perfumes - lightly scented with essential oils
  • Anti-Static
  • No fabric softener or dryer sheets needed
  • Restores fabric performance and wicking
  • Safe for all fabrics
  • Works with traditional and high efficiency (HE) washers, and all water temperatures
  • Can be used to hand-wash sensitive items or as a soak solution for gear
  • Size: 45 oz.