Nathan Power Wash 42oz

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Power Wash 42oz

Designed for runners by runners, the Nathan Power Wash 64oz Detergent is the perfect way to remove stains and keep your clothes smelling fresh. This organic detergent is vegetable-based and biodegradable, so it isn’t harmful to the environment. It’s also dye and fragrance-free, which is a great perk for those with sensitive skin. The all-natural ingredients are tough on stains but not on your performance running clothes, and with a neutral pH it won’t damage fabrics or discolor your clothes. The newly designed cap and spout also makes pouring a breeze.

  • 42oz bottle offers plenty of wash power
  • pH Neutral – won’t damage fabrics or fade colors
  • Tough on set-in stains
  • Eco-Friendly – vegetable-based biodegradable formula
  • Dye & Fragrance free – for sensitive skin
  • New cap and spout design for improved no-mess pouring
  • Restores performance to technical running fabrics