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Amphipod Microstretch Quick Clip Race Belt

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Microstretch Quick Clip Race Belt

Super minimalist way to carry essentials!  Ultra-comfortable, ultra-light, no bounce stretch pouch that expands more than 4x to fit your basic essentials.  Fits iPhone 6/7 and iPhone 6/7 Plus.

• Includes new, easy-to-attach, medium, removable Race-Lite Quick-Clip™ Number Tabs
• Fully adjustable stretch belt expands to 4 times its size
• Internal divider converts secure zipper pouch to a larger capacity
• Perfect for carrying nutrition, music and essentials
• Add-on Race-Lite™ number tabs make for a great race-day solution
• AirFlow Microstretch™ pocket 10.25" x 3" (expands to fit essentials)
• Available in 7 popular colors