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Lock Laces

Lock Laces

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Lock Laces

Replace Your Laces

All styles of Lock Laces® are one size fits all and take less than 5 minutes to install. Any lace-up shoe or boot can be turned into a slip-on without sacrificing style.

Simply lace your shoes with your new Lock Laces®, thread the ends of the laces through the patented double eyelet lock, trim the excess lace with a pair of scissors, and snap on the cord clips, it’s that easy!

Slip On and Off with Ease

Once you’ve installed your Lock Laces®, you can treat your shoes like a slip-on. Our firm but flexible elastic laces hug your foot for added comfort and support as your feet swell throughout the day.

The elastic laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe, and the fastening system will keep your laces at the perfect tension. If you suffer from arthritis or have trouble bending over, Lock Laces® will give you your independence back.


Adjustable Tension

Lock Laces’® fastening system makes it easier than ever to dial up your tension before a run or any activity and loosen up to give your feet some space to breathe during use. The patented double eyelet lock allows you to adjust your tension ensuring a perfect fit all day long.

Thanks to its flexible construction and lock system, the elastic laces can move through the eyelets to allow consistent tension throughout the entire foot by reducing pressure points and increasing blood flow below the ankle. Simply press down on the lock device to open the passages and slide to tighten or loosen. That’s it — no more double (or triple) knots!