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SRC Gold Medal Package - Training Plan plus SHOES and SHIRT

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Gold Medal Package

Personalized Training Plans:

Maybe this is your first 5k, or you are looking for a PR at 10k, or perhaps you are trying to qualify for Boston? Whatever your goals, we can help you reach them! It all starts with a plan specific for YOUR needs.

SRC now offers 10-20 week training plans designed for YOU, around YOUR needs.  We have experienced, successful coaches who are also outstanding runners ready to get you started on your way.


Includes the right pair of SHOES for you, based on your foot/gait analysis.

Includes a TECHNICAL RUNNING SHIRT in your size, sure to be your favorite running shirt!


You will be assigned a personal coach.

You will have a pre-plan meeting to get to know your coach and discuss your goals.

A full foot and gait analysis are included to make sure you have the proper shoes for YOU.

Free access to SRC Group Runs.

A second meeting with your coach to disucss your personalized training plan and get recommendations on how to implement it.

Weekly email correspondence with your coach to assess your progress, answer questions, and receive expert advice and training tips.

Anyone purchasing a personalized training plan package will receive 15% off SRC merchandise (10% off Garmins) for the duration of the training plan.

Purchase online and we will contact you by email within 24 hrs to set up your first meeting with your coach.

Also available for purchase in the store.

If you have any questions regarding training plans:

Email us at  or call 217-787-4400

What Our Training Plan Runners Are Saying!

From Colleen L

With the SRC training program I really felt like the path to successful and safe running was lit up right in front of me. It was such a well thought out program customized to my abilities. I also loved that when I was having struggles with my shin splints I had the options to modify my workouts according to how I was feeling physically. 

I felt so incredibly supported by my coach and nutritionist. Having that support in my corner really helped keep me accountable. I not only wanted to do a good job for myself but for my coach as well. 

With this plan, I was able to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I felt like I conquered a lot of physical barriers, like my shin splints with a helpful pre-run warm up routine and a knowledgeable team just a text, email or phone call away. I was so excited to tell my couch about my times and really felt like I had my own cheering section. 

For anyone who is considering doing this plan, I would tell them to go in with an open mind and don’t give up on your running goals! You have a great support system at SRC and from what I have experienced everyone at SRC wants to see you succeed! What a better way to reach your goals than to be around a community of runners who want the same for you. 

I know that was a lot but I truly loved my training and the support I felt I had! 

Thanks for everything again coach!



From Scott N.

Previous PR for half marathon = 1:47

Goal set after purchasing training plan = 1:45

Results after doing the training plan = 1:40


The training plan, for the half marathon, helped me get the proper conditioning to achieve my goals. I was concerned with my plan at first, with me being so injury prone, and that my plans had me running nearly every day, but as the weeks went by I not only wasn't injured but I felt stronger and the runs became easier. My plan had a nice mixture of long runs, tempo and interval trainings, several easy runs, and even had some elliptical training throughout the week. I will be purchasing one of these plans again if I want to PR another race. The weekly accountability piece, that went along with my plan, provided the appropriate push to get me through the challenges. 

Scott Nation


From Melissa N.

I had a wonderful and successful experience using a SRC coach.  I had a goal of running a half marathon but really knew nothing about training for it.  With a coach, I was able to learn about the different types of runs, such as tempo runs and interval runs.  I appreciated how custom made the training plan was so it was not difficult for me to achieve my goal.  I completed my race with a time that I was really happy about.  I highly recommend hiring a coach because the training plan and weekly check ins gave me accountability.  There were some very cold winter days when I normally would not have chosen to run, but I did it anyway because I was committed to my training plan.  It definitely paid off.  I feel stronger than ever.  I have had no injuries, and I am continuing to run regularly to maintain my fitness.  I look forward to another goal and another race in the future.  When you put your money where your mouth is, you are more likely to keep your commitment.  It was most definitely worth every penny!