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Hoka ARAHI 4 Wmn

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Hoka ARAHI 4 Wmn

For those runners and walkers whose biomechanics needed either a nudge or a shove in the right direction, traditional "stability" shoes offered a prescription for pronation that was too frequently heavy, rigid, and no fun to wear. HOKA has defied that convention with the Arahi: using our state-of-the-art J-Frame™ technology designed to cradle and correct your feet without overreaching, overpronators can still experience our signature cushion and ride in a remarkably stable, lightweight package. In the Arahi 4 you, too, will feel like you can fly. #timetofly

One of our groundbreaking stability shoes,the Arahi 4 offers support and agility throughout your run. Complete with an all-new upper, the Arahi 4 is light and sleek on every mile.