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Knowing when to replace your shoes obviously causes some confusion, as one of the most common questions we get at Springfield Running Center is “How long should my running shoes last?” The answer can vary for every runner, based upon your unique body, running style and current level of training. Here are some general guidelines that we can work through with you when we fit you for the perfect shoe.

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This winter, perhaps more than ever, a safe and thoughtful approach to outdoor exercise will be essential to your mental and physical health.  Winter running and walking are fun, effective, economical ways to stay fit, boost your immunity and improve overall health! There are many advantages to winter running/walking: Striking visual landscapes Peaceful solitude Clear physiologic benefits to your body with improved immune response to many viral illnesses Less fluids requirements allow for easier run planning Easily build a base of miles that will jump start your spring training. These are some of the tips we recommend to winter runners:...

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