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Knowing when to replace your shoes obviously causes some confusion, as one of the most common questions we get at Springfield Running Center is “How long should my running shoes last?” The answer can vary for every runner, based upon your unique body, running style and current level of training. Here are some general guidelines that we can work through with you when we fit you for the perfect shoe.

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I am often asked which shoes I choose to run in, and my answer is different depending on the day of the week.  I am a huge believer in mixing it up and rotating my running shoes!  But when it comes to my tempo runs and race day, Hoka's Carbon X  has taken me to another level!

What is it about the Carbon X that "gets me going?" It's the carbon fibre plate that gives it its name and that propels me into a forward roll in smooth transition to a wide forefoot platform. This makes my running feel effortless!  I get through the long runs and races without wanting to take them off and throw them away!

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